Linearantrieb - LA33 Compact IP66 (ab 2023), für Alu (Dachschild) / Hähnchengriller

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Actuator LA33

Item No: J42095 Item Name: 3309050000000A0A=21AC2N0000750

Actuator Type: Standard

Protection Class: IP66

Approval: CE (standard approval)

AISI: Standard

Platform: None


Safety Factor: 2.0

Safety Nut: No Load

Type: Push/Pull

Load: Push 2250 N / Pull 5000 N

Note: Maximum load is reduced, due to selected Stroke Length

Self Lock: 5000/5000 N

Speed: 6,00 mm/s

Gear Ratio: 01:67

Stroke length: 500 mm

Voltage: 12V

Brake: Yes


- Endstop Type: Power Switch

- Endstop Signal Function: Standard

No Virtual Endstop

- No Endstop Signals Out

Feedback: None

Reed Limit Switches (On Outer Tube): No

Colour: Dark Olivish Grey (NCS S7000-N)

Fire category: V0

Piston Rod Eye:

WithSlot, Inner Diameter 12,2, Slot 6.20 Automatic Steel DIN 1651

Back Fixture: WithSlot, Inner Diameter 12,2, Slot 6.20, Automatic Steel DIN

1651 ,

Orientation: 90 degrees

Installation Dimension: 750 mm ± 4 mm

Special Installation Dimension: Yes

Power Cable: 5000 mm. Straight w. FlyingLeads, BLACK

Pakning: Number LA33 on ½ pallet: Packed 2 and 2, in special

cardboard boxes.

Number LA33 on 1/1 pallet: 36 pcs.

interne Nummer: 13084